Get the job done fast with SuperFast Drain Opener! No need to take a shower in standing water. Don’t wait for the water to trickle down the drain. Use SuperFast to unclog stopped up drains and slow drains all over your home
SuperFast is a less caustic and dangerous way to solve one of your household’s toughest problems. No need for plunging. No need for snakes. No need for plumbers. Simply pour SuperFast directly into the drain, wait, and then flush with hot water. No more clogs!!!SuperFast is safe to use in all types of plumbing including PVC and copper. SuperFast is safe to use in public sewage systems, septic tanks, and cesspools. Pour SuperFast in drains all over the house including the kitchen, the bathroom, powder room, laundry tub, and floor drains. SKU# 205    $19.95