The Bom

Use The BOM on your car, motorcycle, boat, and around your home on stainless steel, glass, mirrors, fixtures, knick-knacks, cabinets, appliances, and more. The BOM is not a wax. It is a clear coat enhancer that cleans without scratching, polishes without streaks, and leaves behind a protective finish that continues to shine. There is no powdery residue so use it on all glass, chrome, or plastic.
The BOM is very simple to use. Simply spray a small amount on a damp cleaning cloth or spray it directly on the surface. Wipe the product over the surface to encapsulate the dirt eliminating any chance of scratching of the surface. Immediately buff with a dry cloth leaving an incredible, mirror like shine. The Best Overall Method can be used without water on many dirty surfaces. There’s no need for buckets, hoses, soaps, or wax. Keep some in your briefcase for your cleaning your glasses or demagnetizing your computer screen; in your glove compartment for the leather seats and vinyl dash; and, in your saddlebags for those quick touch ups after a long ride or sudden shower.SKU#203